Damian - bdsm art

Giselle had become engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Henri, and gone from France to meet him in Algeria; he said he operated a successful trading business there. Unfortunately for her, Henri was trading white women.
At only 20, with an untouched pussy, young Giselle had fetched a high price. Her new owner, the merchant Sayeed the Fat , had ground her body mercilessly under him on the first night. Her tears soaked the bed as she nearly suffocated under his huge weight and thick, fatty, log-like cock. This morning, as Sayeed lay sated in his bed eating, he had ordered his servant Hassan to scorch her body with the whip. "IT'S... IT'S TOO MUCH!" cried Giselle as the whip came down with a loud KRRRRRRACKKKKK!.
"Please stop! Please stop! Please... no more! My Lord my God... am I in hell? Am I in hell? PLEEEEEEEEASSEEEEE! NOOOOOOOO! AIEEEEEEEE!"
Hassan was aroused as he whipped her. He degraded her cruelly with his words...
"Christian dog! I will turn your pure white skin red with thise lash! Pity I can't fuck you; you're my master's woman. However, looking at you struggle makes my dick so hard! I must-whip-harder! Then, tonight, again you will be pushed deep into the mattress by my heavy master. It will be like an elephant lying on you, like an elephant shoving his dick into you! Untill then, more whipping!"
Giselle screamed again in agony.
"AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She was going insane with pain - and dread of the night yet to come.

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