Damian - bdsm art

The riches of the opulent palace hide the sadistic perversions that Sheik Abduallah is famous for. He's adorned the rooms of his adobe with tapestries and rugs that would be the prize of any museum in the Western world. But his true pleasure comes from decorating his many rooms with the most beautiful foreign women he can get his hands on!
Some women have been bought from whte slavers... other's taken from their own beds.
"Fuck me back, white whore! Fuck your master like a devoted little lap-dog... yeah... you know how to take a dick up your silky cunt... and how to earn a belly full of creamy jizz... Getting your ass fucked should be second nature to an immoral slut like you!"
"OOWWWWWW! I... I'm trying, Master... Please... Please don't be so rough.... AAIEEEEE!!! I've never... never been fucked there... before...-sob-..."
"Stop you whining and start fucking, bitch! No excuses! The first time a bitch gets her ass drilled it SHOULD be painful! It should feel like hell! But you'll get used to it... yeah... a few loads of spunk up your shitter will lube you up good... make it easer the next time... But you've got to earn my jizz, white trash! Earn it with your tears and screams!"
"AAAAAAAAIEEEEE! Please, sir! Take it out! AAAAHHHHHH!!!"

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